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Getting Bigger, But No Place to Shop

Women's Knee High Boots -  Long SizesYounger people all over the world are outgrowing and outweighing their parents. But the apparel markets, the people who decide what clothes to make in what sizes, are slow to catch on to these trends. The growth in the "plus size" market, larger size clothes, has only been tracked since the mid 1990's. Footwear manufacturers still pay little attention to the growing length of men's and women's feet. Tall men have some choices. Almost no one is paying attention to tall women.Prom  Dress - Plus Size

We've all heard of "retail therapy". It can be fun to shop for new styles, to update your wardrobe, change your fashion look, get ready for a new season, dress for a career change or a special event. But if you can't go into stores and "shop off the rack" - you're missing all the fun. So is bringing the fun together for you!

Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Plus size for men and women in Men's Leather Goods Dept.

Shop our site and find the best choice of apparel and footwear for your hard to find size. We know you may not have a hard time finding your size in everything, so we've got some great choices in regular sizes, too. Looking for lingerie? Shoes? Woman's Tall JacketJackets? Party dresses? Maternity wear? Pants that go to your heels, not your ankles? We've got them!

We'll feature new special fashions, tips and trends regularly on this page. We'll also do updates on our blog. ..... and hope to hear from you their too!


Barbara Thornton